The Kicknfit Kids license is an incredible business opportunity for success minded martial arts professionals as well as fitness minded entrepreneurs.

With over 100 successful locations around the world and new licensees opening each month, the Kicknfit Kids business model is continually being proven again and again.

What makes Kicknfit Kids a unique fitness license is the value of consistent coaching with professional trainers in a group environment that generates exceptionally high levels of fitness results for our clients.

If after reviewing the information presented on this site you believe that owning a Kicknfit Kids License location is right for you, simply complete our online information inquiry at the link below and we will contact you within 24 business hours.

Kicknfit Kids began as the vision and brainchild of long time Martial Arts industry icon and National champion, Chris Casamassa. He initially created the model as a way to transform his own karate school business so that he could provide a better weight loss and workout experience for kids.

Our Mission:

To help kids get fit, stay fit and be cool. KICKNFIT KIDS is a starter kit to a new lifestyle. It isn’t a “kick- at- -the- wind” attempt to get rich, it’s the building block for a never ending journey. It is a way for kids around the world to learn that “working out” can be better than “couching out” A perfect fusion of the Martial arts lifestyle brought together with a “we can do this” positive uplifting vibe. Where Bully busting always beats Belly Busting.

First started in 2004, Kicknfit Kids™ has grown to over 100 locations worldwide, quickly positioning itself as the experts on Kids fitness and health. Kicknfit Kids created a completely new category in the area of child based fitness, & health. With its 3 day a week, 30 minute fat melting, calorie burning workout made just for kids. It combines the best in Martial Arts, kickboxing and yoga to deliver a power packed workout that is FUN for Kids. Its client-centric focus delivers unmatched fitness and fat loss results backed by a “happiness guaranteed, or your money back” promise.

The original KICKNFIT KIDS was launched with this vision in mind in October of 2004. Within the first 12 months, a dozen Kicknfit Kids locations were successfully launched throughout the United States, proving with overwhelming evidence the success and potential of the business model.

Kicknfit Kids is now offering you the unique opportunity to join its license family. You can now become a part of this dynamic business model that includes the following highlights:

  • Membership driven, recurring revenue base.
  • Low start up costs, 
  • Low overhead, and minimum staffing required.
    No Expensive equipment to purchase
  • No percentage based monthly royalty fees. Just a fair, flat monthly license fee. (We believe our owners should keep more of what they make.)

Discover Kicknfit Kids, the ONLY Kid Focused Fitness Business Model that Gives You Turnkey Systems, Done-For-You Marketing Strategies and Ongoing Support, all while Transforming Your Passion for helping kids get fit into a Profitable Business.

We believe in fanatical support from the very first day of our partnerships: dedicated support to help you run, market and set up your program, generate leads, establish operational procedures, and even grow into multiple locations. We’re always here to support you every step of the way so that you can spend more of your time doing what you love.


It’s on the news, it’s in worldwide media outlets, KIDS are out of shape and OVERWEIGHT! How bad is it?

1 out of every 3 children in the Untied States are considered overweight or Obese. (Center For Disease Control stats on kids

40% of twelve year old children display heart disease risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol. (American Heart Association)

The amount of overweight kids has doubled among school age children over the past two decades. The increase in body weight is associated with lack of physical activity and poor food choices. (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Television, video entertainment, fast food, and a lack of regular exercise contribute to the poor physical condition of our society. (Office of the Surgeon General, Report on Physical Activity and Health)

How it Works:

KICKNFIT KIDS is basically a “business within a business”. And it’s designed to take advantage of the fastest growing population in the country that needs your services. You don’t have to change anything about your existing business; you’re just going to plug KICKNFIT KIDS right into your empty time slots  and run the model that we provide you. You can also use it to replace or “add to” any existing class.

We’ve set up KICKNFIT KIDS success system as a “business in a box” so that it’s easy to plug into your existing Martial Arts school or Gym business and start promoting it throughout your community.

Here’s what you get when you launch a KICKNFIT KIDS program within your  location…

•Exclusive territory. 1 location per zip code. Get in early to secure your city.

•Training videos, “learn by doing” workshop designed to teach you how to run the KICKNFIT KIDS program in your facility. This covers workout design, training, marketing, sales, and more

A.K.K.F (Amercian Karate Kung-fu Federation) affiliate Certifications for you and your instructors & trainers.

•A special FACEBOOK Group specifically for KICKNFIT KIDS licensees so that you can find everything in one place such as…

•Pre-made workouts and exercise videos.

•Done-for-you marketing materials specific to kids and their  parents

•The 3 cubed instructor training manual showing you step by step how to create “World Class” instructors. Build yourself a support team you can be proud of!

•A new module on your schools website, specifically designed for KICKNFIT KIDS.

•Monthly support, training and coaching webinars.

•Addition to the KICKNFIT KIDS directory.

Want More?

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We look forward to you and your school becoming part of the KICKNFIT KIDS family.

KICKNFIT KIDS Founder Chris Casamassa

Chris is a 9th degree Black Belt and has been involved with Red Dragon for over 35 years. His father Louis D. Casamassa is the founder and creator of the Red Dragon style of martial arts. Chris is the President of the 12 officially certified Red Dragon studios in Southern California. With his quick sense of humor and well honed Martial Art skills Chris weaves an exciting web of learning with positive motivation techniques exclusive to the Red Dragon system.

Chris’ professional tournament career started in 1982 and when he retired in 1992 he had amassed a very impressive string of titles: 4 time national open forms champion, 2 national weapons titles, and a top 5 rated middleweight fighter.

Besides his outstanding tournament record Chris went from the pro competition tour directly into films and Television shows. His first few film parts were in the original Karate Kid, Black Eagle and Shootfighter, along with a TV series Called “WMAC MASTERS” That helped him land the role for which most people now recognize him. The role of “Scorpion” in the hit action film “Mortal Kombat.” Chris also doubled for George Clooney in Batman & Robin and has appeared in over 20 different films and TV shows including “Walker Texas Ranger” with Chuck Norris. Chris is currently the host of the TV show: “The Fight Scene” airing on BLACK BELT TV- a 24 hour channel dedicated to all things Martial arts.

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