These 5 ab moves are better than crunches

These 5 ab moves are better than crunches Although the basic crunch is still popular, by now it’s pretty well known that this outdated exercise is not the most effective way to flatten and strengthen your abs. It simply doesn’t activate your core muscles to the extent that other exercises do, it can hurt your … Continued


Did you ever notice that there is a direct correlation to the amount of belly fat that you store around your midsection, and how often you frequent your local Starbucks coffee house? If you said “yes”, then you’re not alone. Tons of my clients, (even myself in the past!) have all fell victim to the … Continued

Drink Yourself Thin?

Drink your way thin? If you’ve been interested in fitness and health for more than a minute, then you know by now how important drinking plenty of water is for getting your body into top shape. But do you drink enough water? And is it really going to impact your results? Why Water Matters Your … Continued

Fasting or Small Meals for results?

Fasting or Small Meals for quicker results? What’s the best eating strategy for fat loss? This is the question on the mind of those who are ready and motivated to transform their physique. A quick online search produces two popular eat-for-fat-loss strategies: Intermittent Fasting versus Six Small Meals. Which strategy works best? And which should … Continued

5 Surefire Tips to Keep Losing Weight

Follow these 5 surefire tips to keep losing weight and your scale will stay put: If you gain a pound, lose it! People who are successful at maintaining a weight loss, weigh themselves at least twice a week. Pick regular times of day, and regular days of the week, to weigh and keep a chart. If you … Continued

Find Out if You Are Nutritionally Fit?

  Ready to find out if you are nutritionally fit? A recent survey of nearly 7000 Americans showed that 72 percent believe they are healthy eaters, yet government data proves otherwise. The USDA recently revealed that Americans get plenty of protein and carbohydrates, but often fall short on key nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and … Continued

10 Possible Causes of the Obesity Epidemic

Obesity and the other 10 Possible Causes of the Epidemic It’s well accepted that reduced physical activity and fast food are linked to obesity. But the evidence that these are the main causes of obesity is largely circumstantial. To stimulate debate, experts suggest 10 other possible causes of obesity, outlined in the International Journal of … Continued

5 Reasons Martial Arts is Great for kids with ADHD

5 Reasons Martial Arts is Great for Kids with ADHD According to “6.4 million American children between the ages of 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD.” Boys are affected in higher numbers than girls and their symptoms tend to be the most pronounced. In boys you might noticed symptoms like a lack of focus, hyperactivity or … Continued

Tips for Parents about BULLYING

Tips on Bullying One of the biggest concerns from parents during the school season is bullying. Some 160,000 kids skip school every day because they fear of being attacked or ridiculed by bullies. The good news is that these disturbing statistics can be limited with the proper education. As an instructor and educator that has … Continued