5 Tips To Get Kids Moving

It’s never too early for kids to learn the benefits of getting fit and eating a healthy diet. For many kids, eating junk food and playing video games is a norm. However, paying attention and getting your kids involved in a fitness program can result in a lot of fun.

Here are five fun fitness ideas that kids will be excited to do after school:

1. Chasing Bubbles

Chasing bubbles are not necessarily just for the younger kids. There are so many ways children of all ages can use them to have fun! Whatever creative activity you come up with using bubbles you know that it will surely encourage them to run, jump, and twist for hours at a time.

There are many types of commercial bubble mixes and plastic wands that could help with your activities. Just make sure you are in an open space, like the park, for maximum enjoyment.

2. Crazy Dancing

Children love to dance! Sometimes the wilder, the better. Use any kind of music playing device you can stop and start and even select some upbeat tunes. When the music plays, ask the children to dance around the room. When the music stops, they must freeze. Change the tempo of the music for different results, and encourage children to stretch, bend, twist and shimmy.

3. Old-fashioned Activities

Previous generations grew up with some basic toys and outdoor equipment that lead to hours of activity and play. Consider introducing your children to some of the classics like jump rope, hula hoops, roller skates, and hop scotch, just to name a few. They will not only get plenty of exercise, but they will improve their coordination and balance as well.

4. Martial arts

The best martial arts schools offer a variety of classes designed especially for youth. Kids will get the same benefits that adults do in stretching, bending, and strengthening the body and the mind. The martial arts is a wonderful exercise for all ages and best of all, the whole family can do it together.

5. Walk the Dog

When kids need to get moving, there’s no better companion than the family dog. Set out a walking route for kids and dogs that will encourage them to go just a little farther each day. Not only with the children benefit from walking the dog, but your four-legged friend will love the extra attention and the chance to get out and about the neighborhood.

There’s no need for special equipment or clever plans to get your children to embrace fitness. When they develop a positive, active lifestyle as part of their after school routine, children and teens are more likely to continue putting fitness as a priority in their lives. What more could parents want than to see their children get excited about being healthy and happy.